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2021-10-22 Notification regarding temporary closure of girls hostel CLICK HERE

2021-10-22 Notification regarding HS second year Admission CLICK HERE

2021-10-21 Notification regarding commencement of UG and PG First Semester Class CLICK HERE

2021-10-21 Notification regarding readmission of BA (MCJ) 3rd and 5th Semester CLICK HERE

2021-10-08 Notification regarding readmission of UG 3rd and 5th semester CLICK HERE

2021-10-06 Notification regarding PG Admission to EC Category CLICK HERE

2021-10-04 Notification regarding PG Admission CLICK HERE

2021-10-03 Notification regarding admission of vacant seat for UG First Semester CLICK HERE

2021-10-03 Documents verification of UG First Semester students (admitted online) will be on 07/10/2021 CLICK HERE

2021-09-30 Notification Regarding Admission from 3rd Merit List CLICK HERE

2021-09-30 Notification regarding admission into P.G. First Semester CLICK HERE

2021-09-28 Notification regarding off-line class of UG and PG students CLICK HERE

2021-09-26 Notification regarding admission to UG First Semester from second merit list CLICK HERE

2021-09-23 Notification regarding MCJ Admission CLICK HERE

2021-09-19 Last date of submission of home assignment for PG 4th semester is extended CLICK HERE

2021-09-16 Notification Regarding BA/ BSc Admission 2021 CLICK HERE

2021-09-16 Notice regarding submission of COVID positive report CLICK HERE

2021-09-14 Notice regarding GU 2nd & 4th Semester ( Arrear Batch) form fill-up CLICK HERE

2021-09-11 Notification regarding PG 4th semester internal assessment CLICK HERE

2021-09-11 Notice regarding P.G. 2nd & 4th Semester Examinations-2021 form fill-up CLICK HERE

2021-09-11 Notice regarding P.G. 2nd Semester Internal Assessment CLICK HERE

2021-09-10 Notification regarding PG 4th semester Final Examination CLICK HERE

2021-09-10 Notification Regarding attendance of Faculty members, Administrative officers and employees CLICK HERE

2021-09-08 PG Admission Notice CLICK HERE

2021-09-05 Notification regarding Physical Classes CLICK HERE

2021-09-01 Revised Admission Notice of UG CLICK HERE

2021-08-31 Notification regarding vaccination of teachers and students CLICK HERE

2021-08-28 Notification Regarding PG 4th Semester Examination CLICK HERE

2021-08-20 Notification regarding revised rate of fees for admission into PG 4th semester classes CLICK HERE

2021-08-19 UG 4th Semester Internal Assessment Examination is Rescheduled CLICK HERE

2021-08-18 Notification regarding Extension of Last Date for Online Form Fill-up CLICK HERE

2021-08-16 Notification for Re-admission into B. Com. 4th and 6th semester classes CLICK HERE

2021-08-16 Form fill up of B.A./ B.Sc. / B.Com 2nd & 4th Semester Examination will be from 17th August to 18th August, 2021 CLICK HERE

2021-08-16 Notification Regarding Written Examinations for internal assessment of HG/RC, SE, CC papers CLICK HERE

2021-08-16 Admission Notice for BMC CLICK HERE

2021-08-11 Revised timing for attaining office CLICK HERE

2021-08-07 Notification regarding the urge to form the Bhattadev University Teachers' Association CLICK HERE

2021-08-06 Admission Notice for the Academic Session 2021-2022 CLICK HERE

2021-07-20 2nd Internal Assessment of 2nd & 4th sem CLICK HERE

2021-07-01 Notification regarding internal assessment of UG 2nd and 4th semester CLICK HERE

2021-06-29 Notification regarding attainment of duties from 30/06/21 CLICK HERE

2021-06-24 Notice regarding submission of hard copy of answer scripts of PG OTBE-2021 CLICK HERE

2021-06-24 EBSCO data base is now available through Bhattadev University website CLICK HERE

2021-06-07 Filling up of forms for the ensuing Online Open Text Book Examination, 2021, for PG 1st and 3rd semester will begin from 09/06/2021 CLICK HERE



2021-06-06 Notification regarding evaluation reform CLICK HERE

2021-06-05 PG first semester exam routine CLICK HERE

2021-06-05 PG third semester exam routine CLICK HERE

2021-06-01 PG 3rd & 1st semester examination notice CLICK HERE

2021-06-01 Notification regarding HS second year online classes CLICK HERE

2021-05-15 Summer Vacation of Bhattadev University is scheduled from 15th May 2021 to 14th June 2021 CLICK HERE

2021-05-09 Notification regarding attendance of teaching and non teaching staff CLICK HERE

2021-05-06 All academic activities including hostels will remain closed until further notification CLICK HERE

2021-04-21 All classes of UG and PG are to be continued on online mode CLICK HERE

2021-04-12 Notification regarding PG 1st and 3rd semester examination CLICK HERE

2021-04-10 Online classes of UG 2nd and 4th semester to be started from 12/04/2021 CLICK HERE

2021-03-15 Re-admission Notice for PG third Semester CLICK HERE

2021-03-09 H.S. 1st year final examinations form fill-up CLICK HERE

2021-03-01 Notification regarding re-admission for PG 3rd semester classes. CLICK HERE

2021-02-27 Notification regarding class cancellation of 1st Semester CLICK HERE

2021-02-15 Notification regarding Student's feedback on learning experience CLICK HERE

2021-02-15 Notification regarding extension of last date of form fill-up CLICK HERE

2021-02-13 Submission and Opening of Tenders for Equipments, Computers CLICK HERE

2021-02-08 Notification regarding examination fee of 1st and 3rd semester students CLICK HERE

2021-02-08 Notification regarding refund of examination fee CLICK HERE

2021-02-05 Notification regarding Hostel Admission CLICK HERE

2021-02-05 Provisional list of candidates for Admission into Ph D programme is declared CLICK HERE

2021-02-01 End Semester Examination of 1st and 3rd Semester Classes CLICK HERE

2021-01-26 Reschedule of Personal interview for PhD program CLICK HERE

2021-01-20 Notification regarding reschedule of personal interview for Admission into PhD program of Mathematics and Physics department CLICK HERE

2021-01-19 Notification regarding Student's Uniform CLICK HERE

2021-01-11 Notification of Personal Interview for Ph. D. Admission and Results of BU-PET 2020-21 is declared CLICK HERE

2021-01-04 Online Application for Registration Certificate for HS 1st year CLICK HERE

2020-12-29 No institutional picnic will be allowed CLICK HERE

2020-12-28 Admission process of Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in PGDAJ, PGDTTM and PGDCA for the session 2020-2021 is kept in abeyance until further notice. CLICK HERE

2020-12-26 Notification regarding re-opening of Girls' Hostel CLICK HERE

2020-12-19 Winter Recess of 7 days from 25th Dec to 31st Dec 2020 CLICK HERE

2020-12-07 Re-admission notice for UG 3rd and 5th Semester CLICK HERE

2020-12-02 Notification regarding Admission to PhD courses CLICK HERE

2020-11-26 Half holiday on 26th November 2020 CLICK HERE

2020-11-12 Notification for declaring November 16,2020 as a holiday CLICK HERE

2020-11-05 Notification regarding online form fill-up of H.S. Final year Examination 2021 CLICK HERE

2020-11-04 Last date for application of scholarship is extended up to 30/11/2020 CLICK HERE

2020-11-01 Notification Regarding offline class CLICK HERE



2020-10-21 Notification regarding Admission into Diploma Programme under NSQF CLICK HERE

2020-10-21 Notification regarding Durga Puja holiday CLICK HERE

2020-10-15 Notice regarding Scholarship Schemes announced by Directorate of Higher Education, Assam CLICK HERE

2020-10-14 Admission Notification for PG and PG Diploma Programmes under Bhattadev University for the Session 2020-2021 CLICK HERE

2020-10-12 Notice Regarding COVID-19 testing of H.S. Students of Bhattadev university CLICK HERE

2020-10-12 Notification Regarding formation of Skill Development Centre, Bhattadev University CLICK HERE

2020-10-09 Admission Notification for B.A. in Mass Communication and Journalism Programme CLICK HERE

2020-10-06 Last date of admission for BMC 4th and 6th semester CLICK HERE

2020-10-01 Notification regarding My NEP Competition CLICK HERE

2020-09-24 Notification regarding last chance of midterm examination of Second semester CLICK HERE

2020-09-23 Notice regarding age appropriate fitness protocols under Fit India Dialogue CLICK HERE

2020-09-20 Notice regarding offline class CLICK HERE

2020-09-19 UG First Semester class commences from 21st Sept. 2020 CLICK HERE

2020-09-18 Notification regarding attendance of 50% of staff CLICK HERE

2020-09-14 Notification regarding formation of Internal Complaints Committee CLICK HERE


2020-09-07 Notification regarding UG 6th semester examination under G.U. CLICK HERE

2020-09-07 Extension of last date of enrollment of NCC CLICK HERE

2020-09-04 Notification Regarding Felicitation of Special Teachers on the Occasion of Teachers' Day CLICK HERE

2020-09-02 Notification regarding final merit list of UG 1st semester Admission CLICK HERE

2020-08-31 Last date of form fill up of UG 2nd Semester Examination is Extended CLICK HERE

2020-08-30 Notification regarding enrollment of NCC CLICK HERE

2020-08-27 Notification regarding 4th merit list for admission to UG first semester CLICK HERE

2020-08-27 Notification to UG 1st semester applicants who have passed HS Examination under AHSEC CLICK HERE

2020-08-27 UNIT TEST of HS second Year will be held from 7th September to 12th September, 2020 CLICK HERE

2020-08-25 DHE Notification regarding COVID-RT-PCR test CLICK HERE

2020-08-22 Revised Notification regarding Examination form fill up of PG 4th Semester (Regular & Arrear) under Gauhati University CLICK HERE

2020-08-21 Notification regarding third merit list of UG Admission CLICK HERE

2020-08-21 Notification regarding Admission switch over CLICK HERE

2020-08-20 Results of Revalution of Answer scripts of UG 1st Semester CLICK HERE

2020-08-18 Scholarship schemes are announced by National Scholarship Portal. CLICK HERE

2020-08-17 Examination form fill up of 6th semester students CLICK HERE

2020-08-12 Action plan for rapid antigen test of Barpeta District CLICK HERE

2020-08-12 G.U. Notification of Examination form fill up of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Courses CLICK HERE

2020-08-11 Examination form fill up of U.G. students of G.U. CLICK HERE

2020-08-07 Last date of form fill up of UG 2nd Semester Examination is Extended CLICK HERE

2020-08-06 Merit list of Admission for UG 1st semester will be available on 07/08/2020 CLICK HERE

2020-08-06 Merit list of Admission for UG 1st semester will be available on 07/08/2020 CLICK HERE

2020-08-06 Merit list of Admission for UG 1st semester will be available on 07/08/2020 CLICK HERE

2020-08-03 Classes of Higher Secondary first year (Arts and Sciences), session 2020-21 will start from 05/08/2020 CLICK HERE

2020-08-02 Notification regarding form fill up of UG 6th, 4th and 2nd semester examination CLICK HERE

2020-08-01 Form fill-up of PG Second semester starts from 5th August 2020 CLICK HERE

2020-07-31 Extension last date for Revaluation of 2nd Semester Answer script CLICK HERE

2020-07-25 Merit List of H.S. Admission for the session 2020-21 CLICK HERE

2020-07-23 Notification regarding re-valuation of Answer script of UG & PG 1st Semester Examination CLICK HERE

2020-07-23 Notification regarding online form fill-up of UG Second Semester Examination, 2020 CLICK HERE

2020-07-21 All the academic and administrative offices of Bhattadev University shall remain closed till 31.07.2020 CLICK HERE

2020-07-21 Important dates for admission to the first semester classes of B.A. / B. Sc. programmes CLICK HERE


2020-07-13 Admissions to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes CLICK HERE

2020-07-11 Last date of Submission of HS form Extended CLICK HERE

2020-07-06 DHE Notification regarding generation of Unique ID for admission CLICK HERE

2020-07-06 DHE Notification regarding generation of Unique ID for admission CLICK HERE

2020-07-01 Notification of HS admission 2020-21 CLICK HERE

2020-06-30 Extension of last date for application of PhD Guideship CLICK HERE

2020-06-26 Office order regarding issuing Notice CLICK HERE

2020-06-25 Notification for half holiday on 26/06/2020 CLICK HERE

2020-06-16 Results of Rescrutiny CLICK HERE

2020-06-16 Notification regarding application of research Grant CLICK HERE

2020-06-15 Auction Notice CLICK HERE

2020-06-13 Schedule of uploading the question papers of the Second Online Internal Assessment CLICK HERE

2020-06-12 Notification of Planning Committee CLICK HERE

2020-06-10 Notice for Second Online Internal Assessment CLICK HERE

2020-06-05 Notification regarding online classes for H.S. Final Year students of Bhattadev University, Bajali CLICK HERE

2020-06-01 Notification for inviting application for recognition as Supervisor/Guide for Ph.D. Programmes CLICK HERE

2020-06-01 Notification regarding functioning of Offices of the Academic Departments CLICK HERE

2020-05-21 Revised notice regarding Re-Scrutiny/Re-Evaluation of Answer Scripts CLICK HERE

2020-05-21 Notification for Hostel Boarders of BU CLICK HERE

2020-05-18 Notification of Appointment of Co-Ordinator for Online Classes of H.S. 2nd Year CLICK HERE

2020-05-16 Notice regarding rescrutiny/re-evaluation of answerscript CLICK HERE

2020-05-14 Notice regarding Virtual Meeting CLICK HERE

2020-05-11 Notice UG Sem-I Result CLICK HERE

2020-05-11 Notification UG Sem-I Rescrutiny CLICK HERE

2020-05-01 Office Order regarding list of persons for collecting contact details of students CLICK HERE

2020-04-23 Notification regarding question pattern of Mid Term/Sessional Examination,2020 CLICK HERE

2020-04-23 Corrigendum Notice CLICK HERE

2020-04-22 Notification on relaxation of lockdown norms CLICK HERE

2020-04-21 Mid term/ Sessional Examination 2020 CLICK HERE

2020-04-16 Notice (formal) for all the Faculty Members of Bhattadev University regarding online class CLICK HERE

2020-03-23 UGC notification regarding COVID 19 CLICK HERE

2020-03-19 Notice regarding results of PG 1st semester Exam 2019 CLICK HERE

2020-03-17 P.G. Sem-I , 2019 Results Declared CLICK HERE

2020-03-16 Notification for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff CLICK HERE

2020-03-15 All the classes of Bhattadev University and its hostels will remain close till 29th march,2020 with immediate effect due to extraordinary situation caused by Coronavirus pandemic CLICK HERE

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