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Prof. Birinchi Kumar Das

Prof. Birinchi Kumar Das assumed office in June 2019 as the first Vice-Chancellor of Bhattadev University. A Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and with postdoctoral research experience in the USA and the UK, Prof. Das was involved in teaching and research at Gauhati University prior to his joining this university.

Prof. Das had participated in various academic and administrative activities to serve as the member/coordinator/convener/chairman of committees at his workplace and outside.He had been a member of the Facility Management Committees of the Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facilities (SAIFs) of Gauhati University and North Eastern Hill University and has extensive experience of participating in facility building exercises involving high-end scientific instruments such single crystal & powder X-ray diffractometers, field emission scanning electron microscope, and more. Click Here to Read More..

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